_Love yourself better to love other better

  • Loving yourself... nothing more spontaneous than that.

    Let's first think about the word "love"... what do you put behind this word? Sympathy, enthusiasm, fullness... probably... but what do we hide behind this verb? Lack, loneliness, misunderstanding... sometimes. 

    The verb "to love" and its team-mate, "love", are words hijacked by marketing. Spread in magazines and on your screens, this love could make you forget its original strength. All that would remain would be a word emptied of its quintessence, thrown like a buoy into an ocean of uneasiness.

    How To Spa usher you on the path of the right words, those which sometimes hurt but which are undoubtedly the key to individualistic and generous, solitary and interdependent happiness, the one that should be the foundations of a collective love. Create your own definition of love, the one that will fulfil your expectations.

    And then go gently inside yourself, talk to the child lurking at the heart of your emotions, this inner child, guarantor of your soul wounds... You will have to reassure it out of love for this essential part of yourself and out of respect for the adult you have become. You will learn to love yourself... because of others... thanks to them and for them.

    How To Spa makes you feel this self-love which leads to the love of others... for others... Taking care of yourself in order to take care of others is the foundation of your well-being.



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