Bollwerk #03

  • Happiness is perhaps deciding to see the magic in our lives... and to create more.

    This year takes on its full meaning for the Bollwerk team... 60 years of existence! It's a great age and well worth looking back on. For me, these 60 years also represent more than 40 years of working with you, sharing our creations and the values that accompany them. I can't help but take stock and will only remember the pleasure of giving and receiving.    

    This year again, I have decided to take you with me behind the scenes of our workshops, to discover our teams and their talents, but also to invite you into our family history... to tell you how my father created the Bijouterie du Bollwerk in 1962 and how, with the help of passion, our family has kept this heritage of prestige and exception alive and developing.

    And I want to share this happiness not only with you but also beyond our borders. That is why, to begin this quest for new horizons and to prepare for our future, this edition also reads in German.

    In the name of the entire Bollwerk team, I wish you a pleasant reading and thank you for your loyalty. I hope that you will share some of my knowledge about my passions.

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