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  • “Why do we grow older? How do we slow down the process and stay in shape during our youth and beyond? What is the role of nutritional supplements? 


    At Clinique La Prairie, we are passionate about life science and uncovering the keys to longevity. Every day, we attempt to provide some answers to these questions. We are driven by the desire to show you that there really are solutions to preserve your health and to optimize it at all stages of your life. Between innovations, research, and major scientific advances, along with our unique holistic approach to health—the cornerstone of our vision—we can play a role in helping you feel healthy, full of energy, and in top form. 


    It is important to be aware that while stress, often due to the ever-increasing frenetic pace of life, is an integral part of the modern routine, taking care of your emotions and finding a balance is essential. A global approach, both physiological and linked to the brain and other body mechanisms, makes it possible to work on all these fundamental aspects.

    The good news is: you can turn back time with the right guidance. Advanced epigenetic evaluation, which enables to measure the reversible impacts of daily choices on genes, also makes it possible to identify the points you need to adjust in your lifestyle, and to put in place a bespoke framework for long-term health.

    Nutrition is another key dimension for longevity, and should be considered over a 360-degree approach. You’ll learn how the combination between an anti-inflammatory diet and nutraceuticals can make the most of the magnificent plants that nature provides. 


    At Clinique La Prairie, we promote a healthy, but sustainable lifestyle. We believe in the importance of adopting life choices that are more aware of the impact they have. You will also read about a new artistic initiative in this arena.

    Join us on a journey to discover the latest research and science breakthroughs to regenerate, rejuvenate, and detoxify both your body and mind. Science, well-being, nature, culture, and technological advances… These are the passions that we will share with you in this edition of our magazine. Our vision is to empower you by providing information for radical medical, lifestyle and wellbeing interventions that can help you live a fuller, longer life.


    Enjoy your reading, take care, and hope to see you soon at Clinique La Prairie!”


    Simone Gibertoni, CEO and Gregor Mattli, Chairman


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