Jag magazine #1

  • Jag magazine #1
  • Respect !

    The time has come to respect the world in all its diversity, to respect others for their differences without forgetting to respect ourselves...

    With the tremendous developments of recent decades, we’ve lost sight of such a crucial part of our existence... our emotions. Living means feeling and experiencing; it means living our emotions. We so often throw ourselves headlong into the fleeting emotions offered by the acquisition of ma- terial goods whilst forgetting our real emotions, those that are experienced when we pay attention to who we really are. The magazine that you are about to explore expresses all my emotions and their reflection on me... My shared emotion with clients that becomes the sketch of a jewel that will sym- bolise it, my emotion when I visit certain places, the emotion renewed over time with my partners, my emotions when I create, draw, paint and design pieces of jewelry, the emotion forged by high-quality work.

    A single motto... Let’s rediscover the emotional value of our words and actions.

    Andreas Gmur