M5C #2

  • After a successful first magazine, my collaboration with Olivier Honsperger quickly turned into a true friendship. At the head of a planetary empire, Olivier remains a humble and authentic man. This wellness professional, respected by all, has succeeded, by dint of time and investment, in bringing together thousands of followers around a common philosophy: that of love for others. Every day now, women and men meet to assimilate the protocols of these unique, I would almost say miraculous, methods. And it is as many people who, thanks to Olivier, have found their way, both professionally and spiritually. 
    Today, the story continues, with more and more members, more and more trainings and treatments, without forgetting, a Federation stronger than ever. Through this new magazine, follow the success story of the trainers of trainers, learn more about the latest Expanse Therapy treatment and discover in pictures, the singular experiences offered by the M5C family. Plus, learn how to heal your ailments with aromatherapy and dive into Leonardo di Caprio's intimate confessions. Just like the first issue, this magazine is a condensed version of optimism and benevolence, which will undoubtedly attract many readers to join this wonderful adventure! 

    Enjoy your reading and see you in the next issue for new surprises!

    Gregory Ayoun
    Director of the publication

  • M5C #2