Maura Wasescha magazine #2

  • Maura Wasescha magazine #2 by Blush Dream

    Maura Wasescha magazine #2 by Blush Dream

  • On the road again for the second opus. In this winter season, we are thrilled to renew our wonderful collaboration with Maura Wasescha.

    For this new edition, I invite readers to (re) discover the remarkable story of this incredible woman, who has enjoyed an extraordinary career, punctuated by ever more surprising encounters and experiences.

    At once a business owner, mother, wife, and friend, Maura is truly a multi-facetted individual, who masterfully manages all areas of her life. Above all else, she is a brilliant businesswoman, who has succeeded in making the Wasescha name a favourite amongst the real estate elite. The key to her success? Her kindness and a unique vision of hospitality and service.

  • Maura Wasescha

    Maura Wasescha

  • From the peaks of the Engadin to fine sandy beaches in Mauritius, from Snow Polo to the Red Carpet, from the biggest names in show business to the latest fashion designers, discover the latest news and developments with Maura Wasescha, through the prism of a new generation. With the arrival of son Michael Angelo into the business, the future looks bright.

    This ambitious young man is set to continue the wonderful family adventure. The Waseschas are proud to invite you on this fabulous journey to a selection of some of their exceptional properties, where dreams really do come true.

  • Maura Wasescha and is son Michael Angelo

    Maura Wasescha and is son Michael Angelo