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  • Swiss watchmaker Rebellion

    Swiss watchmaker Rebellion

  • The Swiss watchmaker Rebellion, which is always ahead of the  eld when it comes to timing, continues along its path at full speed.

    Since 2007, this brand’s destiny has been linked to endurance, particularly the motor racing kind, from the 24 Hours of Le Mans to the 6 Hours of Silverstone.

    Its precision sporting spirit has led to the creation of stunning models such as the Weap-one or the T-1000. Bruno Senna, Nicolas Prost and Nelson Piquet Jr wear Rebellions on their wrists. Rebellion’s story is still being written on the race track, especially through its own team, Rebellion Racing, which excels in paddocks the world over.

    And while Rebellion’s story continues to be told over the years through its sporting achievements, it is also coming up with innova- tion after innovation through its motto of “no compromise”, combining luxury and performance through the quality of its materials and the subtleties of its Made-in-Switzerland mechanics.

    A world of performances, decibels and glamour which Blush is proud to showcase in this collector’s issue, upsetting the established order and stamping a new style, without compromise.

    Happy birthday!