Rita & Zia

  • "Inanimate objects, do you have a soul that attaches to our soul and the strength to love? If these verses of Alphonse de Lamartine still calls me as much, it is because it summarizes the intimate relationship we have with our objects. 

    Particularly seduced by the symbolic approach of the House Rita & Zia in terms of jewelry, 
    I wanted to share with you through these pages the unique universe of the Geneva-based label. Designed in close collaboration with the founder and artistic director Sandrine Barabinot, Blush Editions are pleased to present you at the end of this year its latest editorial jewel: Rita&Zia Magazine.

    For this first edition, close-up on the most beautiful successes of the house! In this book with Rita&Zia's colors, we wanted to reveal you a preview of the brand's new products. Beyond a manifesto, we hope to convey here everything that makes the value and the power of seduction of its precious talismans.

    From trends to inspiration books, from addresses to destinations... Make way for an editorial line rich in discoveries and creations!

    Enjoy your reading,

  • Rita & Zia