Blush Dream #20

  • Blush Dream and Isabelle Adjani

    Blush Dream and Isabelle Adjani

  • All star line up.
    Here at Blush we have really put on a show for our 10th anniversary.

    As a tribute to the Cannes Film Festival, we explore all lm genres and roll out the red carpet to those stars who in uence fashion and provide role models for women. Of course we review all the lms as well as interviewing Penelope Cruz, Jade LagardeĢ€re, Li Bingbing and Miss Universe. Isabelle Adjani’s incandescent beauty is captured by Sandra Fourqui’s camera before we slip off for a weekend in Saint Tropez with Caterina Murino. We look for locations in Paris, New York, Hong Kong and Rome - they might be useful for a future shoot. We drop in on Los Angeles because cinema wouldn’t be what it is without Hollywood.

    Slimming, body and skincare, coaching, lioness mane, thalasso and organic fooding - Blush reveals all the secrets the stars use to look their very best for the cameras.

  • We accessorise your look with a shopping trip at the end of the Fashion Weeks because they are the starting point for fashion. We try out Meghan Markle’s jewellery, de nitely worthy of a queen of the screen. And naturally, because Blush is also a star and has a public to appease, we put in an appearance at the thousand and one social occasions that are a part of any glittering, glamorous life. As seen in this “All Star” edition in the form of a super production...”

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