BLUSH MEGEVE by Guilhem Joaillier #02

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  • As a lover of demanding, authentic and enlightened passion, I feel at one with Philippe Guilhem's both simple and whimsical universe.

    This benevolent man, capable of speaking of a luminous creativity, knows how to surround himself with the best and gives them, besides his sense of aesthetics, a remarkable ability to be passionate about beauty and others.
    His magnificent boutique in Megève brings together the most innovative brands and the most classic jewels, protecting a centuries-old know-how. We appreciate this sometimes ephemeral present that lets us guess the creations of tomorrow, without forgetting those of the past. Knowing how to extract the quintessence of the old and the new, of the past and of the present, remains one of its primary strengths.
    I am delighted to join Philippe Guilhem again for the 2nd edition of Blush Megève by Guilhem.  You will find him and the other actors who are essential to the fine reputation of this magnificent resort, coveted for its respect for tradition and its awareness of novelty.  For love of the beautiful...