_Clinic Lemanic magazine #2

  • As a publishing house, we are happy to share our vision of beauty in all its forms with the prestigious Clinic Lémanic of Lausanne.

    I give warm thanks to its owners and founders Doctor Véronique Emmenegger and Mr. Darrell Jacobs, for their continuing confidence during the creation of this second edition. The brand image of Clinic Lémanic combines perfectly with that of our editorial staff, equally present in Switzerland and worldwide. This collaboration has allowed us to interview international stars for this magazine, including the James Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko, the virtuoso Renaud Capuçon and the choreographer Jya Yong Sun, principal dancer of the prestigious Béjart Ballet, Lausanne. You will discover in this edition not only the best treatments practiced in preventive, regenerative and aesthetic medicine at Clinic Lémanic, but also exceptional artists, artisans and expertise. In this edition, follow us from Nice to Moscow via Lausanne, for an invitation to a dream voyage of excellence.

    Grégory Ayoun
    Publication director

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