_Iris Mittenaere her plans after Miss Universe

  • In colour or in black and white on magazine covers, in Ninja Warrior on France’s Channel One, Iris Mittenaere enjoyed a brilliant career from Miss France to Miss Universe 2016, before joining the prestigious IMG Modelling Agency.

    Meet a universal beauty with 1.7 million followers.

    After having been crowned Miss France and Miss Universe in 2016, what dreams does Iris Mittenaere have these days?

    I dream of professional success and personal fulfilment. I still have plenty of dreams – modelling, television – you should never stop dreaming !

    What have you taken from your childhood in northern France?

    An incredible culture and magical moments of sharing and love. I always played outside a great deal in the countryside where I lived. That taught me to respect nature and animals and to love people because there is a huge amount of solidarity in the North.

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  • You are managed by IMG, one of the biggest agencies in the world ; what type of career would you like to have in modelling?

    I am lucky enough to be represented by IMG and we are going to work together to represent the kind of brands that match who I am. I love photo shoots – I get huge enjoyment out of them. I would like to continue working in this field and working with brands that share the same values as me. It’s a really interesting area to work in.

    You are studying dental surgery ; would you like to continue with this despite your success in front of the cameras?

    I haven’t graduated yet. In September I will have two years to go. I know it’s complicated because these are studies that I have to take up full-time again. That will require a major commitment and can’t be taken lightly. I’m going to have a go and try to finish my studies while carrying on with my modelling and television career at the same time. It’s a fascinating profession and I would like to qualify one day.

  • You’re currently presenting Ninja Warrior with Christophe Beaugrand and Denis Brogniart, the famous presenter of the French survival TV show, Koh-Lanta. What was it like meeting them?

    It was great! They are so lovely; they look out for me and give me lots of advice. I am really lucky to be starting out with two such presenters who, as well as being extremely talented, are wonderful people! It really was a magical moment with lots of fits of the giggles and lots of emotion. I can’t wait for you to see it !

    Who are your role models and why?

    I adore Charlize Theron for her absolute elegance and Cindy Crawford is my hero. I think she is sublime and chic and I’ve always been a fan !

    In a time of social networks, how do you feel about your body ?

    I think that mentalities are changing and I’m glad about that. We need to learn to love ourselves as we are. We can’t be perfect; sometimes I would like to be slimmer and sometimes I’d like more curves. And when we look at women we realise that they all possess a different beauty but the most beautiful of all are those who have confidence in themselves. Take Ashley Graham – to me she is one of the most beautiful women in the world. She has self-confidence and is so incredible she puts everyone else in the shade.

  • You have a figure to die for – do you follow a diet or play any sport in particular?

    I like eating, I love food so I don’t follow any special diet – I have a little of everything ! When I’m travelling in particular I don’t ban anything from my diet because it would be a pity not to taste all the delicious specialties the world has to offer. I do sport for my health and it’s always better to have a  toned body! I was quite hung up about my body for a long time; I thought I was too thin

    despite a rich diet. These days I muscle up through sport and, above all, I try to feel good, this is mainly what sport gives me

    and it’s absolutely essential.

    Do you have a special, prephoto shoot beauty routine?

    I try to get an early night and I drink a lot of water the day

    before. I apply a moisturising mask the morning or night before the shoot and make sure my skin is really hydrated.

    You travel a lot; what are your tips to avoid jetlag?

    I sleep as much as possible on the plane with a hydrating cloth

    mask and I also drink a lot of water. I stretch out as often as

    possible. And I take melatonin in the evening.

    What are your favourite destinations?

    Tahiti, New York and Paris!

    What is in the pipeline?

    A book that’s coming out in a few months ! It recounts my career of course, but you will also find in it my advice and my daily tips on how to build self-confidence. It’s my baby and my aim is to help young women become more self-assured and to feel good and loved.

    By Laure Delvigo
    Photo © Sandra Fourqui

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