_Koenig : fit for a King

  • What if the ultimate definition of luxury is not simply wearing earclips designed just for you, but also having them bespoke tailored to fit each ear? That’s the kind of attention which sets Koenig apart.

  • Koenig, that is the founder Ewald König who, after working with the likes of Cartier, decided to open his own boutique in St. Moritz in 1985, and Roger, his son who almost went into law but for- tunately for Koenig’s clients, became a goldsmith instead. Together they form a team that has earned a loyal following among the many international visitors of the ski resort.

    BUT SERIOUSLY....each ear? “ Sometimes one earlobe might be slightly thinner than the other and that makes all the difference”, explains Roger. “ During an evening, women often slip off their earclips and pop them into their clutch. I want women to wear ours all night and even forget to take them off when they go to bed”.

  • The Koenig boutique in the heart of St. Moritz is a cornucopia of delights – Roger’s designs range from the bold to the bucolic with a dash of Art Deco for good measure. As well as original designs, they also work on bespoke projects for clients. Many pieces have become iconic – such as the late Gianni Agnelli’s famous “over the cuff” watches designed by Ewald.

  • Roger finds his inspiration everywhere. Sometimes the stone inspires the piece, as with the Grão de Café series, sometimes he hunts out the right

    gemstones to suit a design he has come up with. Either way, each piece has to be perfect, which is why they are manufactured exclusively in the compa- ny’s own workshop; and if your bespoke earclips need a perfect fitting, Koenig will measure your earlobes and tailor your jewellery to perfection.

    Apart from the company’s second boutique in Zurich there are no plans for a chain of Koenig stores; as Roger ex- plains, what makes the compa- ny so special is the individual attention clients receive – exclusivity cannot be franchised.


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