_Maison Tamboite Paris, refinement meets technology

  • Maison Tamboite Paris seamlessly combines excellence and sincerity, creating tailor-made city bikes in which high-technology is at the service of perfect craftmanship.

  • When art meets craftsmanship

    If Art is about sense and emotion then it can be seen in every element at Maison Tamboite; the design of the bicycle, the lines and angles of its shape, the range of materials, the precision of each detail. Above and beyond technical perfection, each time you set eyes on one of these unique creations the emotions are stirred. The balance of the lines, the rightness of the details, the depth of the chrome, the quality of the materials or the accurateness of the colours – it is hard to pinpoint exactly what triggers such desire to touch the bike, and to ride it too.

    Parisian elegance

    Whether designed to embody the most formal urban elegance or a sportier attitude, each Maison Tamboite Paris bike is created from a specific thought process and analysis as well as skills honed over more than a century. It is the ultimate in Parisian authenticity, blended with a variety of timeless influences to create a unique and elegant identity.

  • Craftsmanship, art and the lastest technology

    “Excellence in craftsmanship also lies in research into the most innovative technology, and in retaining only the very best,” explains Frederic Jastrzebski, CEO of Maison Tamboite Paris. This approach is illustrated, for example, in the creation of a hybrid electric bike that recharges as you cycle, turning perfect bespoke bikes into real technological masterpieces. The cyclist uses Bluetooth, via a special app, to create their own settings and the electric engine kicks in when the cyclist rides out of a comfort zone they have set themselves. Whatever the itinerary, the effort and comfort remain constant – and elegance is always preserved.

    Noble and long-lasting 

    Because it is both refined and very technical,long-lasting (the bikes come with a lifetime guarantee) and extremely comfortable, steel reigns supreme in Maison Tamboite Paris collections. Silver-soldered for an impeccable finish, copper-covered and then chrome-plated to withstand the test of time, it is then enamelled to give it one of the vibrant colours they keep secret. It is combined with the best, vegetable tanned leathers, carefully selected for their depth of colour and the ability to achieve a uniform patina absolutely anywhere. And then there is the wood, deep and warm-toned, present on the mudguards or the wheel rims, offering incomparable style and comfort.

  • The showroom experience

    Beyond the mere materials, design and ergonomics, what Maison Tamboite Paris offers its clients is a unique experience. The authentic luxury is epitomised in the intimate and warm feel of its showroom where the workshop is in no way hidden, allowing the muffled sounds of the tools and the scent of the materials to reach the client. Tucked away at the back of a charming Parisian courtyard, it has something both of an art gallery and a tailor’s salon. It is a cosy spot, where measures are taken, colours selected and leathers and numerous other details chosen. Here the bicycle becomes your bicycle. It is a technical, creative and personal journey, ending on two wheels on the streets of Paris. Maison Tamboite offers a unique experience which can also occur outside the showroom since, on request, they will travel to their clients, both in France and abroad.

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