_REBELLION Magazine #02

  • Passion, perfection and performance have been written into the DNA of Blush Editions ever since our founding ten years ago, so we instantly saw eye to eye with Rebellion’s CEO Calim Bouhadra.

    Our shared love of horology and motor sports was another bond. From there, it was a short step to a partnership between Blush Editions and REBELLION. It is now five years since we started working together, and it gives me great pleasure to present the second issue of REBELLION magazine. 

    This issue retraces the amazing story of the Swiss motor racing stable that set out to do things differently and reminded us what being a rebel really means. We invite you to join us in celebrating a shared endeavour, time well spent and a superb record of achievement.

  • Rebellion Magazine N°2 by Blush Editions

    Rebellion Magazine N°2 by Blush Editions

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