_Vhernier celebrates the 20th birthday of its Calla collection

  • If you like beautiful jewellery then you will doubtless love the matchless pieces Vhernier has to offer. Indeed the Italian company has proved so successful, this year it celebrates the 20th birthday of its famous Calla collection.

  • An iconic collection

    Founded in 1984 in Italy’s Piedmont region, Vhernier designs characterful jewellery that is both contemporary and luxurious. The Calla collection was born out of a wish to offer models that had a strong identity and that the brand could play with as much as it liked. Crafted out of fine metals and precious stones and woods, it is this unusual combination that makes the collection so original, subtle and modern. After the splendid Calla necklace was greeted with great enthusiasm, the collection was expanded to include earrings and bracelets. In fact Vhernier often reworks the striking designs of this collection, expanding the range as part of its constant quest for renewal.
  • Ebony as a trademark

    Ebony, diamonds, pink gold and white gold; Vhernier has fun playing around with colours, materials and shapes to come up with models that are at once surprising, inspiring and timeless. The Calla collection very much owes its success to ebony, a precious and smooth wood. Its enchanting blackness is what makes these pieces so special.

    Calla models also come in other materials such as kogolong. This white volcanic stone is also used in other pieces, adding a delightful touch of purity and freshness to the collection.

    A never-ending story, this timeless collection will continue to appeal to jewellery lovers for many, many years yet.

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    Email: geneve@Vhernier.com

    Website: www.vhernier.com

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