_When Heidi Lushtaku embodies De Marquet

  • Thanks to its stunning muse, De Marquet offers a certain rock’n’roll elegance to its timeless collections. A fan of De Marquet, the famous Swiss model tells us about her vision of fashion and her collaboration with the brand.

  • In many ways, you have become a muse for De Marquet. What is your connection with the brand?

    «After just one day of working with De Marquet, I discovered that Raffaella was my soul mate. We have the same tastes when it comes to fashion and similar perspectives on life and things in general. I’m very close to the creator of the brand but I’m also fascinated by its unique concept that is reforming the world of female fashion accessories. De Marquet’s pieces are sublime, comfortable and practical.”

    “The woman who inspires me is independent, likes fashion and is very busy; she has an exciting life”. This is how designer Raffaella Iten describes the De Marquet woman. A description that suits you perfectly. Do you use the Night&Day bag? If so, what do you like about it?

    I’m in complete agreement with the De Marquet definition of the modern woman. Yes, I use my Night&Day bag a lot. I love how easy it is to adapt my handbag to my look. Before owning De Marquet bags, it was always such a headache trying to get bags to match my different outfits...

    Do you have some favourite covers?

    Yes.... the @demarquetworld X @izakzenou collection. 

    A single base and interchangeable bag covers. This is one way of creating a sustainable, long-lasting product. Consume less but consume better. What do you think?

    That it’s proof of the designer’s intelligence, to begin with. Being fashionable while saving money is an extremely economical and attractive option. What’s more, the collections never go out of fashion. They are classic, fresh, elegant pieces.

    What are your plans for 2020?

    I don’t really like talking about my plans. I worry that it brings bad luck. I like talking about things once they are finished. All I can say is that I’m very happy with how everything is unfolding at the moment.

  • When Heidi Lushtaku embodies De Marquet
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