_Jewellery-making and tailor-made creations by Vincent Michel

  • In his Lausanne workshop dedicated to jewellery-making and tailor-made creations, Vincent Michel strives to transform customers’ desires, stories and memories into jewellery.

    With his creative talent and solid expertise, the young jeweller meets every new challenge with careful consideration, in an effort to provide a unique and unprecedented result, corresponding to the customer’s personality and surpassing their expectations. Here, there is no limit or defined framework but rather an approach adapted to the nature of each project. Whether bold and atypical, classical or sometimes even complex, the artist works with all styles to meet a variety of budgets within the agreed timeframe. An impressive selection of rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, accessories and many other beautiful items are made by Vincent and his team in their Lausanne workshop.

  • Manufacture of a set in pink gold 750, tourmalines, colored sapphires and diamonds - © Etienne Dione

    Manufacture of a set in pink gold 750, tourmalines, colored sapphires and diamonds - © Etienne Dione

  • Vincent Michel's know-how

    The creator of bespoke luxury pieces, as well as small collections, Vincent Michel relies on versatility to suit the tastes of a wide range of customers and to adapt to any occasion. Respecting the customer’s needs is the credo of Lausanne jewellery-making. The art of jewellery however, requires as much artistic effort as it does technical. Vincent Michel strives to honour the reputation for quality attached to Swiss traditions on a daily basis, so that his creations stand the test of time.

    His is a daring and insightful philosophy, at a time when experience and bespoke are key concepts.

    Designed from A to Z with the utmost respect for jewellery-making traditions and expertise, Vincent Michel’s creations are the perfect combination of the different artisanal professions, irreplaceable and highly specialized, essential to the creation of a unique jewellery piece. His productions are carried out entirely in-house in his Lausanne workshop, without any intermediaries and with the aim of perpetuating artisanal know-how, an objective widely appreciated by customers, and a gauge of authenticity.

  • In addition to its own collections and unique pieces, today the house offers a wide range of complementary services: creation, transformation, repair and maintenance, as well as the restoration of old pieces. The Vincent Michel team devotes considerable attention to accompanying each client personally, offering advice to guide them towards the best solution, at once durable, solid and artistic. In collaboration with Swiss gemological laboratories, Vincent Michel’s collaborators keep abreast of new developments in the field, particularly when it comes to gems and deposits, so as to provide customers with sound and expert advice regarding precious stones. Moreover, the house works with various insurance companies and notaries in Switzerland to help clients estimate, evaluate and appraise their jewellery.
  • Jewellery tailored to your tastes.

    The responsiveness and savoir-faire of the Vincent Michel team allow them to offer their own tailor-made design service. Do you dream of a unique piece of jewellery that reflects you and your personality? If so, then these Lausanne jewellery specialists will be delighted to design and bring it to life. With or without an appointment, Vincent Michel will make himself available to discuss matters with you so that he can understand your history, wishes and needs. An attentive listener, with meticulous observation skills, his creation will truly mirror your personality.

    Simply by showing you a range of pieces from the Vincent Michel collections or just a selection of their exceptional gemstones, the jeweller will be able to detect your style and respond with his own vision, reinforced by his distinctive style and artistic suggestions.

    All of the bespoke jewellery is created through a series of carefully considered designs that gradually come to life in the hands of the workshop team. The entire process is carried out in accordance with your morphology, style and budget so as to design a jewellery piece that is perfectly adapted to its wearer.

  • Necklace in white gold 750 set with Paraïba tourmalines and 660 diamonds - © Johann Sauty

    Necklace in white gold 750 set with Paraïba tourmalines and 660 diamonds - © Johann Sauty

  • Vincent Michel Lausanne

    Vincent Michel Lausanne

  • From the choice of materials to the selection of stones, Vincent Michel will guide you in the joint creation of a piece that reflects you and your tastes. Indeed, since the jeweller works closely with his suppliers, he will be able to find you a suitable yet beautiful stone, at the right price. Reliable and durable, Vincent Michel’s creations are designed to last an eternity and to accompany you at all stages of your life. Focusing on the notions of an asset, investment and sustainability, Vincent Michel has succeeded in developing an alternative creative approach, where human relations play a key role.

    More information on vincentmichel.ch

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