_The Missoni family, from the little town of Sumirago to the world

  • An Italian heritage to cherish.
    A 68-year-old small family business turned into a flourishing group.

    Three generations. The founders : Ottavio Missoni (1921-2013) and his lovely wife and long-term business partner Rosita Jelmini.
    Their children : Vittorio (1954-2013), Luca and Angela. And after them, Margherita Maccapani Missoni and her cousins Ottavio and Giacomo Missoni, three of their nine grandchildren. As the decades went by, thanks to passion, hard work, lots of love and a rainbow of colors ‘Put together’, the Italian Missoni family became one of the most powerful families in international fashion. One of the great ambassadors, ‘Made in Italy’ ever had.
  • Angela Missoni

    Angela Missoni

  • Missoni's family

    Missoni's family

  • Margherita Missoni

    Margherita Missoni

  • Made in Italy is famous all over the world. Italian fashion designers, brands and Maison did and still do Fashion. Since several decades, they are the ones who set the trends. Italian people are very proud of it. Nobody loves fashion like Italians love it. And in the Bel Paese, fashion is often a family matter from generation to generation. As it is for the Missoni family, the worldwide well-known respected and loved family from Sumirago- a little town located near Varese in the Milan’s area- lucky owners of the successful eponymous Maison, founded in 1953 in Gallarate by Ottavio ‘Tai’ Missoni, a former olimpic atlete and his wife Rosita Jelmini.  The two met earlier in 1948 in London after he competed for Italy as hurdler at the Wembley Stadium during the first postwar Summer Olympics. It was love at the first sight. The kind of fairytale love story everybody wishes for. It was destiny: Tai’s number was the 331, the lucky number of Rosita’s grandfather.
  • They not only loved each other for 60 long years but they built a beautiful family and a prestigious and flourish fashion house. They had been part of the group of Italian designers who launched Italian ready-to-wear in the 1950s. They started slowly but surely with a little production of track suits- Ottavio was already producing some for the National Basketball team in a 100 smq basement- and sweaters. Their pioneering and unique multicolored aesthetic vision quickly catched the eye of Italian influent Fashion editor and journalist Anna Piaggi. As well as the one of the French fashion Designer Emmanuele Khanh with whom they started to collaborate.

    In 1969, Iconic Prophet of High fashion and editor-in chief of Vogue America, Diane Vreeland felt in love with the Missoni’s style. The international fame started then. On September 1973 in NYC, Mr and Mrs Missoni got the Oscar of Fashion from the hands of Mr Stanley Marcus, owner of the Neinam Marcus stores.

  • Missoni's family 1992 - Photo by Oliviero Toscani

    Missoni's family 1992 - Photo by Oliviero Toscani

  • To Rosita and Ottavio Missoni of Sumirago, Italy, husband and wife team, whose alchemy has produced new dimensions and color relationships from the crucibles of the traditional knitting machines and whose daringness has made then the most potent force in knitwear for women and men. 

    In 2013, after his firstborn Vittorio died in a plane crash a few months earlier, Tai passed away at the age of 92.

    The family grieved but didn’t give up. Rosita is today honorary chairman and proudly in charge of the Missoni Home which was launched in 2000 and presents a collection per year. Her daughter Angela, who started to work in the family business in the 1990s and officially became creative director in 1997, decided, after the collection F/W 2021, the time has come for her to regain her freedom and to let this main role to Alberto Caliri, his fifteen-years-right-hand man. However she still is the happy chairman of the Missoni Group owned for 41.2% by the FSI Mid-Market Growth Equity fund since June 2018, year of the 65th anniversary of the Maison. And with the same passion and innovative vision of her parents, she will continue to work hard, together with CEO Livio

  • Proli who joined the team on may 2020, to enhance Missoni’s awareness and development potential to become a modern and global player, with an adequate organizational structure and size to compete in the global fashion and luxury industry. As she used to work with her mother, Angela has worked with her daughter Margherita Maccapani Missoni from 2019 until march 2021. Referring to her, the latter was the perfect ambassador of what she was creating at the moment. As creative director of the soon-to-be sister label M Missoni, the second line launched in 1990 and produced by the Marzotto Group, recently back in house for the better, the 38-year-old fashion icon and female role model for thousands of women worldwide brought her freshness and put immediately the focus on sustainability. Because as many of her generation, she is convinced that the future of fashion is green. And she was so right. For personal reasons, the happy wife of Eugenio Amos and mother of two decided to resign.

  • Missoni's watch

    Missoni's watch

  • But fortunately, the third generation is still on board and cherishes its precious heritage. Two sons of Vittorio are honouring the memory of their father and grandfather: Ottavio jr is in charge of the sustainability project and Giacomo is CEO of Missoni USA. Bold and avantgarde Ottavio would be so happy and grateful.  Succession is assured.

    On last march, the Maison paid tribute to Tai’s long life work and presented the Missoni 331 Automatic Chronograph Limited Edition, a sportswear classic produced by Timex Group Luxury Division in 331(his number at the 1948 London Olympics) individually numbered pieces only.


    by Hélène Battaglia

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