_J.Lo only better!

  • At 50, Latino pop icon Jennifer Lopez is more gorgeous than ever.

    Since 2012, when Forbes magazine dubbed J. Lo the most powerful celebrity in the world, the sex-bomb from the block has taken the world by storm, and in 2020, she has gone interplanetary. Wowing even the snootiest of critics on the big screen, in Lorene Scafaria's film Queens, sending over 102 million viewers wild with her flawless performance at the Superbowl and selling 75 million albums worldwide, she stopped off from the sold-out world tour of "It's My Party" - the kind of self-glorifying bonanza only Americans can get away with - to shut down Milan Fashion Week in a version of the legendary tropical-green dress she wore 20 years earlier, specially designed for her by Donatella Versace. Whoever said she was 50? J. Lo looks the same as she did at 25. Age is no longer an issue, whatever some may say. "Be you, only better" is her philosophy. In this five-point beauty and fashion special, we take a closer look at J.Lo.
  • Body close-up

    J. Lo has always had a perfectly toned and muscled body. And a behind that many are jealous of even if the most envious have occasionally mocked it! How does she manage to stay in shape? Through gym and dance which Jennifer has worked hard at since the age of six and which provided her with a profession from very early on. At 16 she was already performing regularly in Manhattan night clubs, on television or in a variety of videos. She even became a regular dancer with Janet Jackson! The result is at 50 she still hasn’t an ounce of excess fat and her body is still toned - Get Right !

    Legs close-up

    Whether super-psyched on stage or relaxing on the beach, J. Lo hates hairy legs as much as any other woman. Ever glamorous – even in the shower – she is the depilation Queen with her Gillette Venus razor. Silky soft legs and a gold-plated publicity contract !

  • Look close-up

    J. Lo has been setting her own style since her first album in 1999. She has earned the title of R ‘n’ B diva through her worldwide hits and she has a look to match. Sexy bras, bustiers or swimsuits show off her steely abs. Furs, high-cut shorts and baggy trousers accentuate the rapper in her.

    Her favourite accessories are aviator sunglasses from Gucci or Dior. When it comes to jewellery, she is rarely without her large hoop earrings. As for shoes, vertiginously high heels from Louboutin of course although as she sang with so much feeling in 2009... Love don’t cost a thing!
    J. Lo has spent the last 15 years developing an image of a dance floor sex symbol that is just a tad bling. And yet she has never lost her endearing girl-next-door touch. Her stunning looks appeal to everyone from 50-year-old businessmen to pre-pubescent teens!

    As Coach and Versace’s official muse, J. Lo is the star everyone is craning to see in the front row at catwalk shows. In the video On the Floor, she sports a figure-hugging bodysuit spangled with Swarovski rhinestones, demonstrating that at 50 she is in as great shape as ever. As she aptly puts it: “I’m Real!”

    Hair close-up

    J. Lo has always had a great head of hair; a long, wavy mane that goes from brown to chestnut according to her mood. It’s hardly surprising she signed a juicy contract as one of the faces of L’Oreal! Because she is so worth it!

    Face close-up

    In a word: splendid. Hazel eyes, Voluminous Million Lashes, a deliciously glossy mouth, high cheek bones and a True Match complexion. Her beauty recipe is one anyone can afford – moisturising face packs, plenty of sleep and lots and lots of water. That won’t go down well with gossip-mongers who whisper the words “nose job”! Ain’t It Funny!

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