_La Maison de l'Horlogerie #1

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  • In this anniversary edition of La Maison De l’Horlogerie I was lucky enough to be able to combine three of my passions: publishing, watchmaking and interpersonal relations. This magazine cements ten years of friendship with Alain Guttly, an iconic figure on the Genevan watchmaking scene. The desire to do this project together was a long time in the making. My passion for watchmaking has been fuelled by Alain Guttly’s infinite knowledge and I only hope that he in turn, has benefitted from my expertise as a publisher. This publication bears witness to a number of other wonderful encounters, for example with the stunning Heidi Lushtaku, who is the epitome of modern beauty and elegance. In short, this edition is an ode to various forms of beauty : watchmaking, jewellery and a family history that is marvellously told by Olivier and Alain Guttly."


    Grégory Ayoun

    Publication Director

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