_La Serena, beach living reinventing in Ramatuelle

  • © Quentin Pastor

    © Quentin Pastor


    La Serena opened at 10 a.m. on 23rd May, 2019 in Ramatuelle, born of the shared desire of owner Simone, nostalgic for the beaches of her childhood, her husband Claude, and their daughters.

  • Behind the scenes, eager to help make this adventure possible, is an expert support cast headed by Terence, Elsa and Teddy, beach devotees one and all, and backed up by Danielle from the Hôtel de Paris Saint-Tropez, one-man band Rachid, and honorary Parisians Philippe, Pierre and Walid. But this singular project, with its immense beach terrace and picture windows overlooking Pampelonne bay, would never have come to fruition without Valérie’s architectural expertise, and we have Daniel’s peerless carpentry skills, artistry and captivating inventiveness to thank for the structure created from what he unassumingly refers to as a few “pieces of wood”. Completing the list with the details that make all the difference, we come to the sumptuous fabrics hanging overhead, chosen judiciously by Aude to offer protection from the midday sun, and the work of landscape gardener Jean- Christophe, whose well-appointed tamarisk trees breathe bucolic charm into the setting. ... Now, you too can be part of the story.
  • A new story in the making

    There is a new story in the making as Saint-Tropez’s legendary Pampelonne beach undergoes a makeover, introducing to the world a unique new address where the idyllic life you always dreamt of becomes reality.
    Offering unbridled enjoyment, unrivalled sunbathing and swimming and the finest of fine dining, it is the perfect place to unwind, have fun, make new friends and forge happy memories to take home and be treasured until you do it all again next year! Write yourself into the story alongside our big-hearted director, Terence, the refreshingly charming Elsa, chef extraordinaire Teddy, amiable beach manager Jonathan, artistic bartender Quentin, the beautiful Lola, César, Baptiste, Mathieu, Eva, Jean- Philippe, Cédric and the rest of the team.
    Together, they are here to make sure your summer holiday will live on long in your heart!


  • © Quentin Pastor

    © Quentin Pastor

  • And god (re)created woman

    During the filming in 1955 of “And God Created Woman”, the film that launched Brigitte Bardot to international stardom, cast and crew used to picknick every day at the long wooden tables of the future Club 55, creating a legend as they did so, without even knowing it. In 2019, the Serena has re-invented it with an altogether more modern take on femininity. “Beauty will be committed or will not be at all” is our motto, as illustrated by the creation of the Miss Pampelonne Green competition, which will this year recognise a woman firmly committed to protecting our planet.
  • © Quentin Pastor

    © Quentin Pastor

  • La Serena, breathing new life into the beach

    The finishing touches come courtesy of the boho chic ambiance complemented by sandy hues, taupe and turquoise, and the solid but sophisticated terracotta tableware on which Teddy’s delicious kitchen creations are served at your table.
    The menu features Mediterranean cuisine with exotic Asian hints, and sharing is the name of the game, fostered by the generous ‘table d’hôte’ layout and an open kitchen that draws you irresistibly into the La Serena experience. 
    Not only is the chef’s instinctive work a spectacle in and of itself, it allows him to involve you in the preparation of your dish, piquing your interest, explaining the process, and even inviting you to taste its progress.

    La Serena offers a subtle balance of hearty dishes and cultural offerings including dinners after Ramatuelle Festival events, as well as looking forward to hosting its own artistic performances, book signings at the water’s edge and environmental initiatives.

    Ultimately, La Serena’s mission is to ensure that your time here leaves you with unforgettable memories of a great time and amazing experiences shared with special people. That way, your summer will stay with you all year!

    By Agnès Bouquet

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