_Lana Del Rey’s video games

  • She is the musical revelation of the year.

    Her Video Games video has been viewed 15 million times on YouTube! With her stunning looks, smooth voice and captivating melodies, she cultivates an enigmatic and offbeat universe somewhere between James Elroy’s L.A. Confidential and the surreal films of David Lynch. Admired or criticised, Lana Del Rey leaves no-one indifferent. We take a closer look at this enchanting character as we await a new album. Let the magic take over!

    By Yvo Deprelle

    "Swinging in the backyard, Pull up in your fast car, Whistling my name, Open up a beer, And you take it over here, And play a video game..." You could hardly have missed this wonderful song. It has been everywhere this year, on the radio, TV and Internet. The deep enchanting voice and the imaginative Super 8 format video and you were immediately transported. And then she did it again with Blue Jeans, and then National Anthem and finally the album Born to Die. A picture begins to emerge and within a matter of months a star is born! Singer, songwriter and composer all in one and just 26 years old. But who is Lana Del Rey?

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