_Maura Wasescha 40th anniversary magazine

  • It was at the famous Red Cross Gala in St. Moritz that I met Maura Wasescha – a kind-hearted and characterful woman with an unusual and extraordinary career.

    While we often think life is a matter of coincidences, I would say that chance encounters also play a big role and meeting Maura was one of them. We set the same store by love and a dedication to our work which takes us around the world looking for new openings for our clients and partners. From St. Moritz to Mauritius, we illustrate the rare, the good and the beautiful in all its forms. After our meeting beside Lake Geneva, it is my pleasure to join with Maura in launching our first special edition in St. Moritz, an invitation to travel and to live a dream.

    Gregory Ayoun
    Founder of Blush Editions

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