_Sebastien Barrau manufacture : a Parisian trip along the river seine

  • Over time, this iconic city which acquired its reputation of cultural and artistic capital, has become the image of romanticism. Painters and Poets inspiration, Paris intrigues, Paris attracts, Paris makes people dream.

    The river Seine, in bow shape, crosses the capital and separates the city in two universes: the right bank said to be sophisticated and conservative and the left one, bohemian and artistic. Its docks, registered in UNESCO World Heritage in 1991, are bordered by the greatest monuments of Paris, its architectural masterpieces and representation of History offer a grandiose sight.

    By night, monuments light up and streets shine brightly, the city deserves its name of « Light City », nickname born from the creation of street lightning during the XVII th century by Gabriel Nicolas de la Reynie.

  • Thus, though Paris is stunning by day, it turns mysterious by night and the banks of the river Seine become a romantic place, where people can watch the stars’ reflection in the water. Tiny light particles coming from the skies. Sebastien Barrau depicts them in Paris Ebony Wood thanks to a laser process, he incrusts thousands of stars in a black PVD inox steel sheet standing for the river Seine.

    At Sebastien Barrau, all materials are carefully selected. For that piece, choice has been on the Macassar ebony, which is an exotic and luxurious wood of great nobility. It brings sweetness to Paris Ebony Wood whilst sublimating it. This alliance is made possible by a novating process that allows to realize several layers of wood sliced with aluminium. In naturally deep and subtle color, the essence of this wood warms the aluminium, while it modernises the ebony.

    Grade 5 titanium inserts enable to maintain this ultra-modern partition wall up in the air. Stretched cables give the impression that the piece levitates and allow to admire it in all its details.

    For more information, please visit sebastienbarrau.com

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