_Vincent Michel the go-to artisanal Swiss jeweller

  • Among connoisseurs of jewellery, the name Vincent Michel has become a byword for quality.

    The Lausanne-based artisanal jeweller’s virtuoso 100% Swiss-made pieces are the perfect present - for yourself or someone else!

    It takes time and consummate skill to make Vincent Michel’s superb necklaces, rings, bracelets and so on. The youthful entrepreneur is something of a UFO in the highly closed world of Swiss jewellery-makers. At not yet 30, he is already attracting a growing clientele. His tenets are cutting-edge skills, taking as much time as is necessary, technical virtuosity, combining modernity with tradition, and ensuring that his pieces are made in Switzerland - to be precise, in Lausanne - from start to finish.

  • Rigorously selected stones

    Vincent Michel particularly excels in working with precious stones and materials. He insists on having control over the entire process, and he and his teams of highly-experienced specialist craftsmen may spend months looking for the ideal stone for the design he has in mind. Naturally, only stones of exceptionally high quality are selected. The vast majority of the diamonds used are VVS/EF grade, and all of them have been meticulously vetted. Coloured gemstones are also subjected to strict selection criteria.

    A unique style

    Vincent Michel designs and produces unique one-off pieces. His combination of a keen aesthetic sense and superb technical skills allows ideas to crystallize into strong, balanced designs that will stand the test of time. Of course, you can commission bespoke items to suit your budget and individual taste, so as to be absolutely certain your jewellery is different in shape and style from everyone else’s. Your custom jewel- lery items will be designed and made up in-house, and Vincent Michel and his team of specialist craftsmen will be on hand to offer technical, aesthetic and investment advice, always mindful of the need for the overall design to be lyrical as well as technically superb.

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